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The opening scene of HBO’s Westworld features Evan Rachel Wood nude and seemingly nervous as she’s being questioned.  Many now recognize Ms. Wood after the hit show, and of course everyone wants to see her naked!

  • She started acting as a child in her father’s (Ira David Wood III) Theater in the Park.
  • She became more well known after her role in the hit sci-fi series Westworld – talk about some hot nude scenes!

Evan Rachel Wood nude in Westworld

She got her start as a child actress, and was known to date Marilyn Manson in and on-and-off relationship that lasted four years. When asked in an interview about Evan Rachel Wood breaking his heart, he said: “And every time I called her that day — I called 158 times — I took a razorblade and I cut myself on my face or on my hands.” Marilyn may be an intellectual, but he is definitely a nut job.  It leads one to wonder… is Evan Rachel Wood a freak in bed? We’re going to go ahead and guess: yes.

Evan Rachel Wood and Marliyn Manson
Manson (36) and Evan (19). Hmmm…

Everyone is looking forward to more nudity in Westworld, but here are a smattering of sexy and naked photos from over the years!

Evan Rachel Wood nudes HBO

Evan Rachel Wood getting out of bed naked
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