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Here’s a few things about Winslet’s life and her uncovered moments before you see all of her nudes:

  • Kate Elizabeth Winslet was born on October 5th, 1975 in Reading, England. The English actress is one of the most famous Hollywood stars of our time and is known for playing dramatic roles.
  • When she was younger she studied drama at the Redroofs Theatre School. Her first gig was starring in a Sugar Puffs cereal commercial when she was just 12 years old.
  • She has won various awards including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award and a Grammy Award. The beauty received an Emmy Award for Best Actress in 2011 for her starring role in the film Mildred Pierce.
  • Winslett married Jim Threapleton in 1998 and divorced him in 2001. She then married director Sam Mendes, they were together from 2003 to 2011. Today she is married to Ned Rocknroll.
  • Best known for playing the beautiful Rose DeWitt Bukater in the classic disaster film Titanic (her co-star was Leonardo DiCaprio). Some of her most notable films are Sense and Sensibility and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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  • Kate’s last nude scene she filmed was in the movie The Mountain Between Us (she was 41 years old at the time).
  • Winslet’s first naked scenes were shot when she was 18 years old in the film Heavenly Creatures.
  • Other movies she has been nude in are Mildred Pierce, The Reader, Little Children, All the King’s Men, Iris, Quills, Holy Smoke, Hideous Kinky, Jude and of course Titanic.

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It’s hard to forget Kate Winslet’s hot scene in Titanic because she looked hot as hell in it. Although, it’s been years since this movie, she has proven herself to be one of Hollywood’s goddesses. Ms. Winslet’s character in the movie was a socialite that had everything in the world in her hands and she played the role well alongside Leo. This scene is one of her most provocative shots she’s ever played in her career since. She sits there coyly as she is being drawn by her lover – it doesn’t get more romantic than that folks!

Since her Titanic days playing the lovely Rose, she has since won an Oscar and his been living the dream. She also is a gender equality activist who is no stranger to voicing her opinion on the topic. She is a strong woman that only gets better looking as she ages, like a fine wine, many would say. Anyway, enjoy her xxx videos below!

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