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This California girl has millions of people searching for her bare and uncovered pics. We looked in deep and dark places to find the Katy Perry nude photos so you don’t have to search no mo! The “Roar” singer will literally have you roaring like a mad man when you see her famous big tits topless!


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If you didn’t know, Katy has been on the prowl since her high profile divorce from comedian Russell Brand (by the way, the former lovers have a HOT sex scandal spreading around). How could that imbecile ever divorce those insanely voluptuous tits?! What a damn fool. She has been getting into naughty schemes and really showing her seductive side like never before.

Now famous Actor Orlando Bloom swooped in – he’s definitely motor-boating the hell out of her breasts. What a lucky bastard! They were caught hanging out in Italy and Mr. Bloom had his dick out the whole time, apparently Perry is into that sort of thing. Which is marvelous, that only means she’s got a WILD side inside her, too.

The beautiful 32 year old always takes her concerts to another level, as well when she is posing naked. Take a look at below…

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Feel free to click around to enlarge the photos below! Some say these were leaked by her ex hubby Russell Brand, who really knows…


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Katy Bending Over at a Concert VIDEO

Hopefully Katy Perry will pose for Playboy one day… that body is MADE FOR IT!