Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape – Exclusive Nasty Scenes

We can’t say anyone was really surprised when a Lindsay Lohan sex tape came out online…

This is the same party girl that’s been sucking dick in cars and forgetting to wear panties at just about every coke-fueled social she’s been at for the last five years.

Lindsay Lohan topless

This time though she seems to have outdone herself, upping the ante from just generic DUIs and snorting to the recording business – but this time, it’s a sex tape, not music (unless you count her moans as music to your ears – we know you do!)


Lindsay Lohan sex tape leak

Seems that she’s lost control over the tape as it’s been a genuine free-for-all for who gets the rights to it, and with her as drug-addled as she is it doesn’t seem like it’s going to go anywhere.

Lindsay Lohan Leaked Porn VIDEO


young Lindsay Lohan
Remember how hot Lindsay was back in the day?

Check out this awesome compilation of Lindsay Lohan’s best nude moments:


But whatever.  The tape does have Lohan getting on her knees and servicing some guy and then getting pounded by a couple people who could be charitably described as “lovers”.  I’m not sure if they have much love between them but either way there is a weird amount of orgiastic chemistry going.  Whatever the case it’s definitely worth looking into if you want to see Lohan’s newest low.

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