Nude Photos of Huma Abedin in Hillary Clinton Emails?

It’s anyone’s guess what the REAL story is behind the close relationship between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.

Huma Abedin nude

If you’re unfamiliar with Huma, she’s a very close aide to Hillary, and the two are rarely seen apart. Huma is also married to the scandal-ridden Anthony Weiner, who has an odd and seemingly uncontrollable urge to send dick pics to women he isn’t married to.

Yet, Huma remains married to him, much like Hillary Clinton has remained married to Bill Clinton after get admitted to getting an extramarital blowjob in the Oval Office.

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton

Now, why would these two women remain married to these guys? Perhaps their relationships are purely political, and it’s Hillary and Huma that are in fact a couple.  Maybe??

Huma opened up about her leaked emails, and has said she is mortified by their contents:

“It’s something I can’t really think about because I can’t even imagine what’s in those emails. But I’m sure I would be — I would probably be mortified. I have no idea. I haven’t read any of them”

Maybe Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin are a lesbian couple that share pussy pics via email? Hey, let’s hope! At the very least, we get to see Donald’s wife Melania Trump posing naked and his hot daughter Ivanka Trump.

Sexy legs in Limo
Is that a young Huma??

In the mean time, here are some sexy photos of Huma: